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My Crochet Bag Pattern is in a MAGAZINE? I'm not gonna cry.. I'm not gonna cry...

I created a beautiful mandala bag pattern for a crochet magazine: here's how it happened:

In 2023, I met a wonderful crocheter named Heather(@dollarcraft on IG). Little did I know that she would give me an opportunity that I had only dreamed of: IMMORTALITY. Just kidding, but hey, that's close enough to what this feels like.

Hey, there, I'm Priscilla, owner of The Stitch Queen Crochet, I create colorful, boho + hippie style crochet patterns, and one of my patterns has been forever immortalized in Crochet Foundry's Magazine.

crochet foundry magazine cover
Crochet Foundry Spring March 2024 Magazine

If you've ever created a pattern before, you know the drill: plan(kinda), create, recreate, take it apart, crochet it again, get it tested, and release your child(no not your actual child, I don't even have any kids) to the world.

It's addicting, so you do it again and again. Then someone named Heather buys your bandana pattern, loves it, and invites you to create a pattern for the Spring Edition of a magazine, and because you don't care how much is on your plate, you say YES, because how the heck could you say no???

yarn and furls hook - crochet foundry magazine
The start of it all.

You have a specific format to follow, so you end up changing patterns entirely.

I was originally going to write up my Flower Empress Top Pattern, BUT when they told me I had to do sizes, I was like.... NOPE. There's nothing wrong with sizes, it's great if you want a pattern to just pick up and follow without measuring, etc, BUT I am in the world of made to measure patterns now(not including my one size fit all hats), and that's how I want the format of all my designs to be. (my made to measure patterns uses your specific measurements)

After some thought, I changed my idea from a top to a bag. Easy, right? WRONG. This is me we are talking about, I can't make things easy. I have to make them detailed, drawn out, one of a kind, and special. So, I decided to create a flower mandala bag. I have a background in henna, so mandalas are my jam and jelly. I was super excited to create another mandala pattern other than my Mandala Tam.

crochet mandala bag pattern in progress
It looks like a classic toy ball at this stage.

Everything's going great until you procrastinate.

Everything was going so great. I was working on the pattern in some random yarn colors, and redoing it to make sure it laid flat. I was following the pattern specifications they wanted me to, not using the word "the", and getting on pretty well. Then.....

OVERWHELM. (not to mention I broke my hook as well, lol)

It was a weird time. I was going through depression, fear, not feeling good enough, and a few other things. (DON'T worry, I have been delivered from all of that thanks to the grace of God!) But, man, it was hard. I had deadlines, other projects I was working on, I felt like my crochet social media accounts were going nowhere, and to top it all off I hadn't even gotten testers yet!

I was talking to my husband about how I was feeling overwhelmed and behind, and how I had known that I did it to myself, and he was like, "You probably just shouldn't do this again if it's causing you this much stress."

He wasn't wrong. Time management was never my strong point. I would plan out my week and try to be consistent with things, but I would have trouble focusing, be afraid that what I was doing wouldn't turn out perfect, or get bored easily. It was a horrible reoccurring cycle.

Colorful Crochet Flower Power Bag Pattern Mandala
You can see the mandala taking on more detail here :)

Then, I said, "NO. I can do this." I set aside my time and focused and worked super hard and fast to get it done. I took the pictures, wrote the instructions, found the testers, and did the thing,

I realized that deadlines are a good thing, and that I needed to stop avoiding them, and instead welcome them into my life.

Then it happened.

It had been a journey. I learned a lot about myself, got interviewed by Heather for a special feature in the magazine, and finished the pattern.

I mailed my bag in by November 2023, so Heather could get pictures of it, and breathed a sigh of relief and satisfaction. I had done it. I faced my fears and created something that I was very proud of. I was able to overcome my focus problem for a little bit, and man, it felt good.

I coincidentally starting going through a spiritual journey in November, and forgot all about the pattern. Days, weeks, and months passed, and 2024 rose like the sun from the horizon.

It was one email, then another, about how the magazine was going to be released soon. I sent in edits for pattern, looked over a few things, and let Heather grab some photos from my Insta for my featured interview in the magazine.

crochet bag pattern photos
I loved adding on the button and loop~

Then it happened.

They sent me a draft of the magazine. I was close to tears. I didn't know that I would get that emotional.

I saw myself. My name. My work. My face. My pattern. My journey...

Written there, for all to see. I decided to record myself right then and there because I wanted to remember how I felt in that moment, the pure joy I was radiating. The pure happiness.

I called my husband immediately, he was at work, but he was able to answer. I sent him pictures of the magazine and gushed about my excitement. After he had to go, I called my lovely mother who always supported me in everything I did from Day 1. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her. I video chatted with her and my sister. I showed them the magazine, and they were so excited for me. We also talked about my sister releasing a music album soon... But more on that another time.

The fruits of my labor were there for all eyes to see, and I was happier than ever. All the struggle I put myself through was washed away, and I immediately wanted another opportunity to do it all over again. Classic Priscilla, a glutton for punishment, but a lover of satisfaction and creativity.

It's like when some mother's have babies. Their brain tricks them into thinking labor wasn't that bad so they have another!

the flower power mandala tote bay by the stitch queen crochet in crochet foundry's 2024 spring magazine
The finished Flower Power Mandala Tote Bag!

So this is my story.

This is how I created me(this is a typo, but I kept it cause it makes me feel like a pirate) Flower Power Mandala Bag. And yes, it is lined, and I show you how to do it! You should make one - it's perfect to carry around all of your little treasures and everyday needs! I can't wait to make another and experiment with more colors! The pattern is step by step and includes many helpful photos to help you along. And as always, I am available via email for support and help if you need it!

Crochet Foundry's March 2024 Spring Edition is here. The theme is "Flower Festival", and there are so many amazing designer's in there that have created amazing designs to share with us! There is a tank top pattern in there that I want to make for David ASAP!

This edition is full of floral designs, yarn reviews, interviews, and more.

Here's a look into what you'll get:

Flower Power Mandala Tote Bag by Priscilla Mitchell (me!)

Wildflower Top by Smitha Crasta

The Sundae Tank by Kelly Baum-Sehon

Flower Power Skirt by Kat Witherall

Daisy Festival Top by Ana-Maria Babanica

Floral Queen 3-way Twin Set by Joanne Fowler

Vine Jewelry Set by Kat Witherall


Interviews, Puzzles, Recipes, Articles + More

When you purchase this product you will receive 2 PDFs

  1. The full March 2024 Magazine

  2. A black text only PDF of just the patterns, along with the charts for the patterns that have charts. This is for those who like to work off a physical copy of the patterns. We recommend highlighting the size you are making in patterns with multiple sizes.

🌈 If you want to support me you can get the magazine using my affiliate link:

I get a commission when you use my link to purchase, which is super awesome!

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