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Welcome to The Stitch Queen Crochet! Meet Priscilla!

Updated: Jan 5

👋🏾 Hey, my fellow lover of creativity! Priscilla here! I'm the owner, crocheter, and designer of The Stitch Queen Crochet. I'm a Christ-follower, wife, wanna-be-painter, color lover, photographer, henna/jagua artist, and overall creative human bean, or coffee bean(it depends on the day).

A lot of you have asked me how I got started with crochet! Well, I'm excited to tell you how I went form knitting, to crocheting, to colorful pattern creating!

I started off learning how to knit, if you did, too, let me know in the comments! My mom would take us to libraries a lot(which I love), and one day I picked up a book on knitting. I learned the basics, loved it, and mostly made scarves, which I found super relaxing and satisfying. There's something beautiful about the repetition of the purl stitch.😅

Later on, we were staying at a good friend of ours house for the summer, she had a random basket full of yarn and a 'how to crochet book'. I immediately gravitated towards it, as I usually do with new creative avenues, and learned how to chain. I spent a good part of that summer perfecting my chain, because the actual stitch instructions were pretty difficult for me to understand at that time. But, thus started my love for hooks and yarn.

Eventually I figured it out a little, then finally looked at a YouTube video. I'm not gonna lie to y'all, it took me a minute, but before you know it I was making trapezoids that were supposed to be squares, hahaha. But hey, we all start somewhere! I went through the same process with knitting, so it was nothing new.

In middle school, I even put some of my hats to sell in a corner store next door to our apartment. I also had a bootleg website, but knew nothing about selling, so that didn’t go anywhere. Eventually in high school I opened an Etsy shop, and was making a good amount of sales. I was underpriced, I didn't know that, but it felt great to be able to sell my beard hats and other things to people who really wanted them!

After I graduated, I started going to college more than I was before, and I got my first job working for someone doing jagua at the beach. I ventured away a bit from crochet, but I still did it to keep me busy on slow days, at a nights when I wanted to do something with my hands.

In late 2019 I already had my own business doing henna and jagua and photography, but I also wanted to start back up selling my crochet. So I did. And, yes, running three businesses at once was not healthy for me. I ended up dropping photography in 2021.

2021 was also the year I decided to start focusing on selling patterns. In 2022 I decided to focus on making easy to follow size inclusive crochet patterns that everyone could make! I want everyone to be able to create cute boho + hippie clothing and accessories that are made to fit them perfectly, which is why I started basing my designs off of measurements. Because how many times have you found a pattern that didn't have your size, or was extremely difficult to read without enough instructions/pictures?

Yeah, been there done that.

I absolutely adore crochet, and the joy it brings myself and others. Thank you for following me on my journey so far, and for reading this little back story of mine. I hope you leave a little more inspired, creative, and ready to write your own story. Happy crocheting!

➡️ Fun fact about me: One time my friend commissioned me to knit them a 23 foot long Doctor Who Scarf in 2013! It came out awesome! What is one of the biggest things you have created? Let me know in the comments!

Yeah, life was wild. Here's picture evidence:

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