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The Most Unique Crochet Tam Hat You'll Ever Make! - My Peace Mandala Tam Hat - Boho + Hippie Style

Updated: Jan 5

👀 Do you love crochet? Do you love mandalas? Do you love hats? Do you like easy to read crochet patterns?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, my Crochet Mandala Tam Hat is the perfect hat for you make! You can use any color(s) of your choice, or some of those beautiful color changing yarns! I love Red Heart Stripes - Favorite and Fruity Stripes 😍 They work up SO amazing, and I included some pics of them below!

➡ Don't want to read my whole blog post? I got you, the link to the pattern is here:


📝 Ravelry

🌈 I am a henna/jagua artist, so as you can guess, mandalas are my jam and jelly, and I draw them all the time! So I wanted to combine my love for henna designs and colorful crochet, and create an amazing hat pattern that would get all of my hair out of my face, and stop annoying me once and for all 😂

🖼 So check out these pics of some of the hats created with my pattern:

✌🏾 Is that a Peace Sign? Yes it is! I got a custom order one day from a lady who wanted a Peace Sign on the back center of the hat, and of course I wasn't going to back down from that challenge! ☮

📝 My pattern includes step by step instructions on how to create BOTH of these hats! And yes.... there are pictures as well, which will really help you along the way~

These hats are GREAT if you want to use up some scrap yarn as well! I know you have some, hahaha!

☀ I also made some in cotton(the blue and white ones) for those warmer days, and I'm gifting one to my sister-in-law because she is amazing ❤

Interested in getting the pattern? Awesome! The links are here:


📝 Ravelry

My inner hippie came out during this photoshoot~

If you are interested in purchasing your own hat, check out my Etsy Shop to see what's in stock!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have an amazing and craft rest of your day!

Until next time 💜

~Priscilla, The Stitch Queen

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