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The Only Crochet Bandana Pattern You'll Need - Make Your Boho + Cottage-Core Dreams Come True

Updated: Jan 5

I wanted to become the ultimate hippie forest-wanderer. So... I did. And I couldn't do it without my "Big Wanderlust Bandana Crochet Pattern".

Below, is one of my amazing pattern testers, Bree, in her creation of my pattern. The colors she used, her long flowing hair... *chefs kiss* 👌🏾

BUT I WARN YOU - this pattern is ADDICTING. I mean once you make one, you won't want to stop. You'll find yourself in a cold sweat, deep in the yarn isles of your favorite craft store, touching all the colors and fibers. Each caress shows you a vision of the possibilities.. and, yes, they are endless.

This head scarf is full of texture, and it shows whether you use one or many colors! I want to make a rainbow next, so make sure you're following me on Facebook, Insta, or TikTok to see it!


You can purchase the Written Pattern or watch the FREE tutorial on:

1. My Website (lowest price)

3. Etsy

Here are some reviews from some of our fellow happy crocheters~

Has it been tested?

My Big Wanderlust Bandana pattern has been tested by myself, and the best crochet pattern testers, to make sure it is easy to follow and understand, with helpful pictures and stitch tutorials so that any level crocheter can create one of their own. And, as always, my email and messages are always open to any and all questions you may have!

What materials do I need, and what is the finished size?

Materials List:

- 5mm Crochet Hook

- Worsted Weight Yarn (4) in Cotton or Acrylic

Finished Measurements:

- Width (front) - 20 ~ 21 inches

- Length at longest point - 15 ~ 17 inches

But feel free to experiment with Light(3) yarn and different hooks to make your crochet bandana bigger or smaller! One of my testers didn't have big locs like me, so she used a smaller hook :)

Also, don't forget - if you're in a hot state like me, and you're worried about the warmth, use cotton!

What does the pattern include?

Purchasing this Listing, You Will Receive:

- My Big Wanderlust Bandana Crochet Pattern

- Materials List

- Table of Contents for Easy Navigation

- Helpful Step by Step Pictures to assist you along the way

- Video Tutorials for EVERY stitch, in case you don't know it

Okay, why should I get your pattern and not others?

I've been crocheting for 10+ years, and I love creating cute crochet patterns that you'll actually LOVE to wear, and that will sell(if you're into that)!

I design patterns that I wear myself, which is why I made this one. I wear bandanas all the time to keep my hair out of my face.. so why not have the satisfaction of creating my own, and making it super unique and beautiful!


So, whether you're traveling the world, or to your local tea shop, your very own handcrafted Big Wanderlust Bandana will have you feeling adventurous and free.

Whether you're into cottage core, bohemian designs, or music that makes you feel something, this head kerchief will give you all the right vibes while keeping your hair beautifully in place and out of the way. But who says you NEED hair? Rock it on that beautiful dome of yours! 💖

So what are you waiting for?

You can get the Written Pattern or watch the FREE tutorial here:

1. My Website (lowest price)

3. Etsy

Want to get 20% off your pattern purchase?

Join my Crochet Royalty List on my website:

👇🏾 This pattern is also available in my Bestselling Boho + Hippie Crochet Pattern Bundle!

👑 Have an amazingly awesome day my Crochet Queens + Kings! And don't stop creating or crocheting!

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