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Learn How I Designed My "Andrena Crochet Harem Pants" - Peek Inside A Crochet Designer's Process

Updated: Jan 5



✅Size Inclusive


✅Wearable Everywhere

👀 Did I hit all the boxes? I think so!

Have you ever made crochet clothing before? When I started making crochet clothing patterns, I was like... what am I doing? And guess what. That's okay!

I had already created a shorts pattern, but I had been wanting to write up a pants pattern design for a while. I didn't know what kind of design to go with, as my mind was full of different stitches, textures, and techniques to use. As I am an overthinker, that usually leads to creating nothing, haha 🤣

Fast forward a while to me asking my mother-in-law if there was something that she wanted me to crochet for her. She looked perplexed and didn't really know what to ask. I recommended she go to Google for some inspiration. We scrolled through picture after picture until she described to me harem pants, similar to the ones my overalls had(that I wore earlier).

BY THE WAY! These are the original pants! 👇🏾 And yes, it was her amazing idea to add pockets~

🤗 Harem pants. I love them. I own a few pairs, and heck, why not try to make them? Not to mention, but let's definitely mention, that style of crochet pants would fall perfectly in my boho + hippie niche as well! I was elated!

📏 I quickly got her measurements and asked her what kind of color(s) she would like. Alright, blue it is! I went to Walmart looking for a cotton blue. They had a very minty blue, and that was about it.

😩 Yes, I know Walmart doesn't have an extensive yarn collection like Joann, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. Needless to say, I was unsure whether or not to purchase it, but hey, YOLO.

I showed her the yarn, and we were both hopeful that it would turn out great! I went home and got to work, putting together different stitches to make them super unique, and to add lots of texture. I was 100% making it up as I went, but hey, that's how I like to do things.

⏱️ Fast forward months later, because I put things off, and I'm back in her home and having her try them on, and there's one problem... She's a bit shorter than me, and I was making these pants for my long legs, hahaha. We made adjustments, and I finished them before our next visit.

Thus entails the first version of my crochet pants pattern, but there was a catch... She loved her crochet harem pants so much, and she wanted her pair to be unique, and just for her, so when I went back to the drawing board to actually write up the pattern, I changed quite a few parts of the pattern to make it different.

Did I have to rewrite things? Yes.

Did I not always feel like taking tutorial pictures as I went? Yes, but it's so important!

Did this adventure bring the dreaded "frogging"? Um, yes, of course!

(🐸 Frogging is having to pull apart all, or a section, of your crochet project because you made a mistake, or you're just done with it, lol)

And man, it turned out gorgeous. My Andrena(my MIL's name) Crochet Harem Pants were born. Much better than I could have hoped. My husband put mine on the day I finished making them, and didn't take them off until the next day when he had to leave for work. The feedback I got from my amazing crochet community, along with my husband, showed me that I had done it! I created the thing, and people wanted it!

I got the pattern all nicely written and handed it off to my pattern testers, who made me realize that everything wasn't so nicely written, haha 🤣 But, hey, that's what they're for!

Some of my following pre-ordered the pattern and excitedly awaited the release date, which was a story all in itself! ---> Posting on every platform, going Live to show my genuine excitement, making sure the pattern was uploaded to all the things, and more!

I was so happy, so encouraged to keep creating, and very, truly, proud of myself in that moment. My Andrena Crochet Harem pants had been MONTHS in the making, and it was one giant climax when it was finally released to the public.

Now it's done. And it's like.. what now?

It's like finishing your favorite book and not knowing what to do with your life.

But alas, my life will be full of many more crochet adventures, and I hope you'll join me for the ride 😊

Are you excited about the pattern, because I still am! Thank you for you support of my crochet journey. Without you I couldn't be doing what I'm doing. I'm so excited for the next patterns that I have in store, whether written or video tutorials, and I can't wait to share them with you!

🌈 If you would like to grab the pattern you can below! It's size inclusive and has been tested by my lovely pattern testers in all their beautiful sizes! You can also use whatever hook and yarn you feel comfortable with as well! I love how versatile this pattern is, and I've been getting great feedback about that~

👑 Have an amazingly awesome day my Crochet Queens + Kings! And don't stop creating or crocheting!

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