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How to Keep Crocheting When Fear + Procrastination Come Knocking + Words of Encouragement

Updated: Jan 5

🥰 Hey all my lovely people! Priscilla here!

I'm about to drop some words of wisdom for y'all to think over~

😍 As some of you know, my Crochet High Waisted Shorts Pattern has been released on my Etsy Shop: Stitch Queen Crochet.

You'd think I'd get it done right when I was asked to publish it right? WRONG, LOL. Here's what I learned:

**YOU MUST SAY NO to procrastination, slothfulness, excuses, the negative voices in your mind, and laziness!**

❤ Write that down if you need to! ❤

I put off this shorts pattern for mooonntthhss. When it could have been done in 3 days! THREE DAYS, PEOPLE! Yes. I did look back and regret it. Sometimes I put things off in fear. But dang, what was I afraid of? Maybe I thought it would take longer than it did, or I that I wouldn't write it correctly. Probably those things, and bunch of other things. The list could go on! 😅

If this is you, if you are stuck in a circle of laziness, negative thinking, anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, or being afraid of doing things because you might fail... STOP. Take a deep breath in your nose and out your mouth.

Now look at me... Well, figuratively 🤣

When you get stuck in ANY of those mindsets remember and think on these things, then repeat them to yourself:

1. You are loved by God, who created you, and gives you strength and motivation to accomplish and create!

2. What do you have to accomplish? Can you break it into smaller steps and goals?

3. Now, take it one step at a time. Tell yourself that you will only work on it for 5 minutes. Trust me, you'll most likely end up doing more.

4. What are you afraid of? Now debunk those fears with positive affirmations! Remind yourself of things you have completed in the past!

5. What unproductive thing am I doing(I'm not talking about resting) that I can replace with working/completing a goal I want to reach?

So what am I trying to say here...

Don't get to the end of this week, month, or year, looking back and seeing all of the things you didn't accomplish because of too much TV, social media, food, laziness, fear, anxiety, stress, and worry.

Now I'm not trying to downplay anxiety. IT'S REAL. Make sure you are not actually putting too much on your plate, like what I did in 2020, and then basically had a complete mental breakdown, got depressed, and was super close to having anxiety attack all the time, and then sometimes having one.

So set realistic goals, but also push yourself a little if you can. Ask God what HE wants you to do, let him take the lead and direct you path. That's what I did, and LET ME TELL YOU... Going to Him FIRST, and doing what he said just made sooooo much sense. God literally KNOWS what's best for us. So why the heck wouldn't we ask him 😆

So.. to summarize this.. again.. I'm not saying doing nothing is wrong, we all need to be able go find peace, and rest. Yes, please rest, but when you set goals to accomplish things, stay fast to them, and get them done!

God believes in you, and will give you the motivation and strength if you ask for it! So go on and get it done!

Let me know in the comments if this helped you! And have a lovely, blessed, and all around productive year! ❤❤❤

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4 commentaires

Sheryl Shepherd
Sheryl Shepherd
13 oct. 2022

Goodness I wish we lived in the same neighborhood!! Someone who totally gets all my dreamm anx’s and everything in between dream & success! You nailed it! And I love how open your are about the past not-so-positive moments that we allow to derail our own forward momentum! I’m in the thick of it right now. Doing it so scared that I’m actually scared of success & failure at the same time! Keep up your beaut crochet projects & words!

Priscilla W.
Priscilla W.
14 oct. 2022
En réponse à

Oh my goodness, girl, thank you SO much for commenting on this. I needed to reread this, cause I'm going through the same problem! I'm so glad you could relate, and it would be so cool if we were closer! I know you can do what you are set out to do. All the things you need are already inside of you ✨️ thank you so much for reading 📚


Latonya Bell
Latonya Bell
19 janv. 2021

Omg. LOVE IT!!!!!!! TRUTH FORREAL. Everything that needed to be said was said!!!! Thank you, needed that again. Girl you sound like someone I know, lolol but the point is YOU ARE DOING IT. much 💘

Priscilla W.
Priscilla W.
14 oct. 2022
En réponse à

We all gotta reread this every now and then! ❤️

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