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The Size Inclusive Crochet Shorts Pattern You NEED To Make This Summer!

Updated: Jan 5

I'm not gonna lie. I put off this crochet shorts design for a while.

Ever since I created my first high waisted crochet shorts pattern, I was asked if I had the pattern in more sizes. I was going to create bigger, and probably smaller sizes, but never got around to it.

Then I started creating size inclusive patterns, super cute ones that could be made using measurements, so any size/body type would be possible to crochet. I decided to create a whole new shorts pattern instead of adding on to the last one.

Thus my "Summer Breeze" Size Inclusive Crochet Shorts Pattern was created! It's similar to my original shorts pattern, with beautiful texture, and a variety of stitches.

It can be made high waisted, or not, and with whatever length you desire! Scroll down to see what my testers decided to do with their creative freedom~

TLDR - Here's the links to the pattern if you wanna skip to the fun part:

👉🏾 Get the shorts pattern here:

🍑 Etsy

📝 Ravelry

YouTube Tutorial (this pairs perfectly with the pattern, and is great if you want to follow along and learn to read patterns) -

Here are some photos from my pattern testers! First up we have Anthonette, owner of Knotty Magic by Phoenix~ She used a lovely cotton yarn, which is perfect for the warmer weather she gets in Texas. She also decided to put elastic at the top of her shorts. I think that was a great idea!

Here's a picture of her shorts laying flat:

Aren't they stunning! I love the creamy color she used as well~ 😊

Now we have Caresse from @lady_lioness_93 on IG! She made her own top pattern to go with her shorts, and she looks GORGEOUS!

Here's some reviews I received from our fellow crocheters who made the super cute beach shorts! Did I mention these would be great for a swimsuit cover up?

I love getting great reviews, and it's super satisfying to know that my pattern is easy to follow and well loved! I'm wearing mine right now, and I totally agree with Susan, with the right yarn they are soo comfy! I used Lion Brand Re-Up Yarn in "Rust". It's a beautiful cotton yarn, washable, and super comfy! I even used them to create some pants for my husband using my "Andrena Crochet Harem Pants Pattern".

The first photos you saw on this page were my pair of hippie style shorts, but here's two from a mini photo shoot I did this afternoon. More... 'in the wild' type photos:

I'm going to a party this summer and I have to wear white, so I'm going to be crocheting my own bathing suit because finding swim suits in my size is not that easy. If you know, you know. I'm probably going to make the bottoms like these shorts, but maybe a little shorter! Make sure to follow me on your Social Media to see progress (links will be at the end of the blog).

Here's another one of my testers, Mary-Jo, owner of @fibre_arrangements. I always love the colors she uses and how she takes her photos! (Yarn: Crafts Mart in "Fiesta")

The shorts she made really POP, and I love how they match her tattoo! Mary-Jo is one of my OG testers, and she is so helpful and has a great eye for catching errors!

I'm going to leave you all with one more of my tester's photos... for now, haha! Here are the beautiful shorts made by Susan! "Thick Thighs Save Lives" y'all, and she is looking soooo cute in the shorts she made! They fit her curves perfectly! (@saxyladyks on IG)

🌈 I hope you enjoyed the visual feast of crochet shorts made using my pattern, and I hope you got some inspo as well!

When you get the shorts written tutorial you'll receive:

- A PDF with the written pattern

- Table of Contents for Easy Navigation

- Helpful Pictures to assist you as you create

- Video Tutorials for each stitch(perfect for a refresher or for beginners)

I already want to wear these shorts everyday down here in FL, and create a pair for my first cruise(I can't wait!), my bathing suit, for festivals I attend, impromptu beach days, and for all the random hippie things I do, hahaha, which mostly include randomly traveling and doing art.

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If you made it this far, check out my Ultimate Guide to Crochet Pattern Writing if you are interested in writing your own patterns!

Have an awesome day my Crochet Kings and Queens!


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