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5 Invaluable Tips To Help You Avoid Burnout This Year

Updated: Jan 5

TAKE A BREAK, for goodness' sake.

The last two weeks, I have been super productive, to say the least, I've been blogging, Pinterest-ing, YouTubing, posting, you name it, I got it done.

I worked day and night. Whenever I could force myself to work, I did. And it felt good. I was getting stuff done.

Getting stuff done, the satisfaction, is like a shot of dopamine for me. I was drinking coffee more than I usually did, not getting enough sleep, and just being happy.

This all sounds great, right? But then Saturday hit. The festival of festivals. I was doing henna at a food fest with little sleep, coffee, and lots of human interaction. I was feeling good, tired, but happy to be doing henna, eating good food, and getting some much needed social interaction.

Then nighttime came. Exhausted doesn't describe it. I laid on the couch, unable to really do much. Then Sunday came. I slept in, woke up, slept again, and repeated this process until Monday.

It's crazy because even Sunday, my first day off, I had to ask myself multiple times, "Is it okay if I rest?". "Is it okay if I don't work today?" I even asked myself the same question multiple times on Monday.

Guess what? That's not okay. I got so much done and pushed myself way too hard to have to ask permission of myself to breathe, to rest, to SLEEP. To just curl on the couch with a blanket and watch YouTube videos until my eyes couldn't stay open anymore.

I gotta find the middle of it all, y'all. The in-between of working too much, and not feeling like I've worked enough. I need to find things that bring me joy outside of work(it's harder than you think).

This is my reminder to you to rest. To enjoy your life, to not overwork yourself to a point where you can't move for two days.

One of those days I worked ALL day to get my size-inclusive shorts video tutorial done. My neck hurt so bad the next few days I couldn't even crochet, or do much at all without taking pain medication to stop the skull-splitting headaches. Anyways, I'm not looking for sympathy, I just want y'all to do better. If anything, do better than me.

I love working, I love crocheting, and making a living doing what I love. But at what cost, ya know?

So meditate, take a walk, skate, hug your family, do art, do things you love. Money will always come back, but your precious time and health won't.

Here's a few things you can do avoid burn out while getting stuff done:

  1. Set work hours for yourself. When those work hours end, STOP, plan what you have to do for the next day, then move on.

  2. Focus on the ONE most important thing you can do that day to get you closer to your goals. I suggest checking out "The ONE Thing"(affiliate link) book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. It's been a life changer for me and my undiagnosed ADHD brain.

  3. Take breaks while you work.

  4. Do something that brings you joy at least once a day(I'm trying to take my own advice, lol)

  5. Lastly, LISTEN to your body. If it's telling you to rest, do it.

I've been trying to paint more, it's one thing that brings me joy. Well, I least I get joy when I'm done, I'm still working on enjoying the process, haha:

I love y'all, and I hope you found my story and tips helpful! Let me know one thing that you do just for the joy of it in the comments, below!

Have a wonderful day my Crochet Kings and Queens 👑

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