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Simple and Sweet Crochet Tam Hat Pattern- Video Tutorial + Written Pattern - Perfect For Beginners

Updated: Jan 5


Written Pattern Links -

Intro about the tutorial: It's been a journey, y'all. From publishing my first ever pattern for sale on Etsy in 2021(High Waisted Shorts Patternn), to last week, when I recorded and uploaded my first crochet tam hat tutorial on YouTube. It's the perfect + easy hat for any level crocheter(beginner to expert), and it works up so quickly that you'll want to make one in every color! You only need to know a few basic stitches, and I link the tutorials to them in my description!

Now onto the good stuff: I'm going to be totally honest, fear held me back. I could have done this MONTHS ago, but I was afraid it wouldn't turn out well. I wrote an entire blog post about anxiety, etc, and I recently received a notification that someone commented on it, so I reread it. It reminded me that I am stronger than my fears, and I can't let anxiety win. So I decided to jump right in and do it, not caring if it was going to be perfect.

I pressed the record button on my phone without a fancy mic or lighting set up.

Side Note: I actually even started using the hashtag #dontletanxiety win, because for some reason it's been really bad for me lately. I blame the devil, haha, he knows I'm on the cusp of something so much bigger than myself, and he's trying to hold me back.

ANYWAYS, let's get into how extremely excited I was when I was creating this tutorial. I love teaching, I'm not sure if I'm the best at it, but I enjoy helping others in so many different aspects.

Going step by step is important to me, so I loved being able to show my Subscribers, crochet beginners, or just interested viewers how to make my Simple and Sweet Tam Hat from start to finish!

I'm not gonna, lie, when I was done with the video it sat on my phone/computer for a few days. I didn't want to re-watch it and notice some horrible mistake. But eventually I did, and it was amazing and perfect(to me at least)! I finally edited it, and added it to YouTube, and probably spent waaayy too much time writing the description.... But, I love it, so whatever, haha!

When it was finally officially published and available to the Public(I even went Live on FB to commemorate the occasion), I was ECSATIC to say the least! It was like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders and I could breathe again! I even went to store and bought myself a celebratory Honey Crisp Apple, hahaha! I love those things XD

Side Note Two: Here are my testers for my hat: @bewitched_stitches on IG is the first two~

I realized I was giving my emotions way too much power to me. I love creating videos, it's definitely becoming a passion of mine, and I can't let anything hold me back from pursuing my interests and dreams.

Now it's done. It's finished. On to the next one. Which will be Christmas themed so stay tuned!

Thank you for following me on my crochet journey, and reading my tiny little blog about what I go through to finish things, hahaha. Let me know if you can relate in the comments, or what color you would crochet my Simple and Sweet Tam Hat in!

I'll leave you with this:

Never Stop Creating.

Don't let anxiety win.

You're bigger than your fears.

Love y'all, okay bye!


Written Pattern Links -

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