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Crochet Rasta Dreadlock Tube Hat Pattern - Super EASY + Amazing Texture

Updated: Jan 5

Are you looking for an easy Rastafarian Dread Loc Tube Hat Crochet Pattern? One with amazing texture, that will look good in every color, and keep all of your lovely locs or hair beautifully tucked away?

If so, you're in the right place!

men's dreadlock crochet hat pattern
My cousin in his crochet hat!


Some years ago I was asked by my cousin to create a tube hat for his locs. He sent me a picture of a knitted hat, and that started me on the fun journey of crocheting something similar that he would love.

If you've been crocheting for a little bit, you know that knitting and crochet can be easily confused for one another. This honestly doesn't bother me at all, and it lead me to the stitch I used in this hat which I now LOVE!

When I first created this pattern, I just made it for myself, and sold the hats! They are probably still my best seller to this day! But when I released the pattern I had no idea it would be so popular!

etsy crochet dreadlock hat pattern reviews
crochet deadlock tube hat pattern reviews

When I finished the hat, my cousin loved it, and even modeled it for me! (he is in the first picture on this page!) Soon after that, my husband wanted one, then I uploaded a listing for it on Etsy, and I started getting orders~

If you're looking to crochet this for a family member, friend, client, online shop or even yourself, this pattern is perfect for you!

So what are you waiting for? Jam out to your favorite reggae music with your favorite people, as you rock your own handcrafted rasta-inspired tube hat. It's the perfect way to maintain your hair and keep it from getting in the way as you vibe through life.

Be inspired by the music, and come up with colors that flow with your personality and soul, or do the timeless Rastafarian Colors: red, black, green, and yellow/gold. And you don't have to have locs to rock this hat.

This crochet pattern will show you how to make my Rastafarian Crochet Dread Loc Tube Hat. Complete with drawstrings on the front and back of the hat(so you can either tie it up, or open the back to allow your dreads/hair to flow through) for a perfect fit, even with longer locs.

This pattern is easy to follow, and includes progress pictures so you can follow along and compare your hat to mine as you go.

I went through each step to make sure this pattern is 100% accurate and easy to follow!

*This is written in US crochet terminology*

rainbow crochet hat pattern
I even made one for myself!

With This Crochet Pattern, You Will Receive:

- The Downloadable PDF Pattern

- The Materials List

- Table of Contents for Easy Navigation

- Helpful Step by Step Pictures to assist you along the way

- Video Tutorials for EACH stitch!

Materials List:

- 5mm and 4mm Crochet Hooks

- Worsted Weight Yarn(4)

Finished Product Dimensions:

~ Circumference is about 26 inches

~ Around 15 inches in length

So what are you waiting for? Grab the pattern today!

👇🏾 Crochet Pattern Links for my Rastafarian Dreadlock Tube Hat -

You can purchase the pattern on:

1. My Website (lowest price)

3. Etsy

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