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Start Crocheting TODAY - Everything You Need To Start Your New Favorite Hobby!

Updated: Jan 5

So you want to get started crocheting??? Yes! I'm so happy for you, and guess what, you've come to the right place!

My name is Priscilla, owner of The Stitch Queen Crochet, and I've got something to tell you: you don't need much to get started with crochet! I'll explain below what materials you'll need, and honestly you probably already have at least one of them 😃

If you are a super visual person, and would like to watch my video about this, press this link or the image below: Just know that there are more details in this post, than in the video, that you should know as well ❤

Alright, let's outline what you need, then I'll get into the details below this. Feel free to press on any of the materials below to skip down to that section of this post!

See? That's not a lot! Now, let's talk about the hook you'll need:

I highly suggest starting off with a 5.5mm Crochet Hook. The letter/number for this hook is 'I/9'.

This will go PERFECTLY with the yarn that I suggest!

When it comes to what brand of hook, I suggest to keep it simple, and get a metal hook from Susan Bates or Boye. These hooks are super sturdy and will last the test of time.

Trust me, I've had mine for years ❤

👀 I also have a pretty turquoise hook from Furls Crochet that I love to use in my videos because it is just SO pretty(this is an affiliate link, if you purchase something I may get a commission from it --> which supports my endeavors): Furls Odyssey Nickel Turquoise Hook~

Next on the list, you'll need a Darning Needle. It's like a sewing needle but with a bigger eye so that yarn can fit through. You can get this from almost any store, like Joann's, Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, you name it.

---> Choose a metal needle OVER a plastic one. Trust me here, haha.

The next material you'll need is some GOOD scissors. I'm not talking Dollar Tree scissors (no dis to Dollar Tree, they are amazing!), but some fabric quality scissors.

Within my years of crocheting, there's nothing more annoying than tangled yarn, having to restart a project, and using scissors that won't. Cut. My. Yarn.

I went to the craft section of Walmart and got these fabric scissors, and they even came with a cool pizza-cutter-looking thing that I use for my Henna Business.

But it's totally okay to use what you have until you can upgrade, that's what I did ✌🏾

The final thing you need to start crocheting is.. You guessed it, YARN!

Now this. Is. The. Fun. Part. And addicting part, but you'll find out about that later 😉

I suggest you get some Worsted Weight (4) yarn. This will go perfectly with your 5.5mm hook, and you can get some for very cheap, and in almost ANY color.

Don't go for that black yarn right away. I highly suggest to go with lighter color yarn so that you can see your stitches when you start crocheting. For example, this light blue yarn here:

The most popular brand to go with is Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. It is acrylic, comes in many colors, and is perfect for the beginner, intermediate, and expert crocheter. I mean.. I still use it, haha.

There are also MANY other brands out there, like "I Love This Yarn", "Big Twist", "Lion Brand", etc. But make sure you get Medium Worsted Weight (4) Yarn. It will be on the package similar to this:

So, now you're ready to crochet! After you gather your materials, you will have everything you need to jump in!

Here are your next steps:

Then you'll be able to jump into making a slip knot, chaining, and learning your first stitch, which I will have videos on as well(YouTube Channel)! Don't worry if you don't get it right away, crocheting is a journey, and you gotta enjoy the process!

Leave a comment if you have a question, or just something to say! I'm so excited that you decided to start your crocheting journey, and I can't wait to see what you create!

🗣 Follow me on your Socials to connect + chat with me!

📝 Check out my colorful, boho + hippie style Crochet Patterns:

~Priscilla W, owner of The Stitch Queen Crochet

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