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Making Time for Crochet and the Things You Love - Don't Let Life Pass You By!

Updated: Jan 5

Hey, everyone! My name is Priscilla, owner of The Stitch Queen Crochet. Thank you so much for being here, and I know you'll find something beneficial in my little blog post.

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I get asked this question a lot:

How do I find time to crochet, write patterns, and create?

To be completely honest, I may not even be the best person to ask this question. I am horrible at time management, following schedules, and living a balanced life.

WAIT, don't leave! Just because of all of these things, it doesn't mean that I don't pursue my passions, it just means that I do it differently than most people may.

If you're like me, you may struggle with procrastination, perfectionism, fear of failure, and rejection. Yes, I do need a therapist, and I plan on getting one, haha.

These things can easily hold you back from doing what you love, and putting aside time to enjoy life. But I'm not going to talk about those things now, we are just going to talk about making time.

When I was working a full time job, I was exhausted. I was always in front of customers and socializing with them. By the time I got home, I was DONE. I worked weekends as well, and my schedule wasn't the same every week, so making a specific day or time to crochet wasn't really possible.

Now take my next words with a grain of salt, I am not promoting not getting sleep, or filling every second of your day with productivity(this is also something I am working on). But, when you love something, when you are passionate about something, you find time for it.

I never forget that one night when my mom went and got me Chipotle and an espresso filled Frappuccino(she's the best), and it helped me stay up all night and work on a pixel rug I had been dying to finish. I was up to about 3 or 4am crocheting and sewing squares together for the sake of creating.

I would bring my crochet to my job to work on my projects during my downtime. I would ALWAYS have a big bag of yarn when I went on trips, and to friend's and family's houses. I never left the house without it.

When I was in school, and had just learned knitting, I knitted with pencils whenever I got a second, I did eventually stop this when they told me to put it away, haha. I crocheted my friends hats, and it made me so happy to see their face light up when I gifted it to them.

Long story short, I made time. And just writing this is making me remember the passion I used to have before I turned my crochet journey into a business, before it started to feel more like a chore, like something I HAD to do. I want to get back to that initial infatuation with crochet, and I plan to.

If you have a set schedule, take out a specific day of the week to craft for at least 10 minutes. That's not impossible, right? If you don't have a set week, like me, take advantage whenever you get a second, run and hide away in a cozy corner with your favorite drink, and pretend that you're running away with your secret love, like every second is a stolen one, and you don't know when your last moment together will be.

I HIGHLY recommend reading the book" Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book has changed my life, and I honestly need to read it again. She is an amazing writer, and her words jump off the page and into your heart. She will make you feel and ponder in the deepest ways. In this book she talks about being creative, and creating for the sake of creating itself. It is amazing, and I tell everyone to read it.

To wrap up this blog post with a pretty crocheted bow, I urge you to create, and to do it whenever possible. I urge you to forget your fears. I urge you to take advantage of every second because life is short.

Take your crochet with you while you run errands, on your work breaks, for five minutes while your child is sleeping. Show others around you how to craft so you can do it together.

I can't force you to do this, but I hope deep in my heart that you will try.

Make time to create, and the joy will follow.


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