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Taking Pictures While Writing Your Crochet Pattern - This will save you so much time!

Updated: Jan 5

You've probably already heard of my "Ultimate Guide to Writing Crochet Patterns" where I go in depth about becoming a crochet designer, writing patterns, etc. One section I cover is taking pictures as you create your pattern. This will save you SO much time in the long run, and streamline your process.

You may be thinking, "How is this going to streamline my process when I have to stop and go all the time while crocheting?" Well ask the girl (ME) who had to create two giant crochet skirts because I didn't take pictures when I made the first one. Yes, it did take hours and days, haha!

This is something you should learn and include in your pattern creating process, and I'll tell you how I do it:

1. Have your picture spot ready to go!

This is something that digital creators, and YouTubers say to do, so there is no excuse to not take that picture, or record that video. In this spot you will need:

  • your tripod ready to go. If you use your hand, like me, no tripod is needed.

  • a space that has soft natural light, or your own artificial lighting set up.

  • a table that contrasts the project that you are creating. Use a table cloth if you have to. I've done white on white before, and it never turns out well~

2. Get that Google Doc ready! Or whatever program you are using to write your crochet pattern.

I like to write out my pattern as I go on my computer, and insert the pictures on the document where they are supposed to be. You can always edit the size later, but at least the picture is there and in the right spot. I have Google Drive on my phone so I can upload the picture to the file as soon as I take it and edit it.

3. Make a folder on your phone!

If you are writing the pattern and don't have a Google file for it yet, make a folder on your phone (you should honestly do this either way) and put all of the pictures for your current pattern in that folder. Imagine not having to search through endless pictures to find them when you need them! Feel free to rename the files as well so correspond with what row/round it is, etc.

4. Make sure you take quality pictures!

If you're going to take blurry, too dark, or unrecognizable pictures, there's no reason to take any at all! Get a quality phone with a great camera, or if you're into DSLRs, that's fine, too! They take great photos if you know what you're doing. Just don't forget that there pictures are to HELP your fellow crocheters, not confuse them.

Make sure the stitches you are trying to showcase are in the center, clear, and easy to see.

5. Stopping and going~

You may not need to take a picture for each row/round/etc. of your pattern if it is straight forward enough in writing. For example, if you're just telling them to single crochet for a row, I think they will understand, haha! But if there is a part of your pattern that they may need a step by step on, or just a visual on how it is supposed to look, STOP, and take the picture/pictures.

It may feel weird at first, or like your flow is being ruined, but over time it will start to come naturally to you.

You'll get to that round, where you are doing loops and turns and pulls, and you'll be like, "Let me help them understand this better!" Then you'll feel great because your crochet pattern is going to be so user friendly, and they'll want to come back and get more of your old or future patterns, because they know that they can trust they'll be legible and full of helpful visuals!

6. Don't get discouraged 💗

One of these days you're going to get really far into a pattern and realize that you have to change something. You'll look at all of the typing you've done, the pictures you've taken, and the blood, sweat, and tears that you have poured into your work.

It's OKAY. I promise. All crochet designers have been there at some point. It's easy to look at it as a failure, but it is amazing to look at it as a learning experience. Know that your pattern is going to be even better because of the change, and that you are growing as a designer and always will!

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👑 Have an amazingly awesome day my Crochet Queens + Kings! And don't stop creating or crocheting!


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