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Crochet Hexagon Cardigan Pattern - The Ultimate Guide - 🌈Super Customizable

Updated: May 17

Crochet Hexagon Cardigan - Ultimate Guide Written Pattern Tutorial

Remember when the Hexagon Cardigan became a trend? I'm pretty sure it was already a thing before Jason Momoa wore it on public, but man, when he did, it EXPLODED.

Everyone had a pattern for it, all the crocheters were making them, and everyone who didn't crochet was requesting commissions like crazy.

As a person who doesn't like to make what everyone else is making, unless I really really like it, I refused to make one. Yes, I know, how hipster of me, haha! Then I showed my husband one of the ones I saw, and he was like, "Oh, I want one."

That ended my strike. I decided to start creating one. Not for him, tho, but one for his sister as a test trial. (I'm actually going to end up making him one with a completely different stitch). It turned out great! (I had a whole Instagram Reels series about creating it: here's the first one) I added a hood, buttons, and squares on the back. Before I knew it, EVERYONE wanted the pattern. Here's how it turned out:

Making patterns is my thing, but I wanted to make sure this pattern had a bunch of customizable add-ons so it would stand apart from the others 💪🏾

In this Hexagon Cardigan - Ultimate Guide you will learn how to:

- Make a basic hexagon cardigan

- Stop the sleeves from growing, or make them smaller

- Make your sleeves longer

- Add ribbing to the sleeves

- Add only length to the cardigan

- Add only width

- Make and attach alpine granny squares (or the squares of your choice)

- Add buttons and create buttonholes

- Crochet a border around the cardigan

- Create pockets

- Make a hood!

It's size inclusive and made to measure. So you'll have to the tool to make it however you want. I love patterns like this because it creates a great base for crocheters to start learning how to customize their own clothing!

Here are some of my tester's gorgeous cardigan creations using my pattern:

So, if you're looking for a written tutorial to make your Hexi Cardi Dreams come true, you'll want this one! You can grab all your favorite colors and make something magical! The next one I make for my husband is going to be different shades of brown, and I can't wait~

If you're still on the fence, don't worry, here's what you'll get when you snag this pattern:

- 📝 The Hexagon Cardigan - Ultimate Guide Pattern PDF File Download

- 🧶 Materials List

- ✏️ Table of Contents for Easy Navigation

- 🖼️ Helpful Step by Step Pictures to assist you along the way

- 📽️ Video Tutorials for EVERY stitch, in case you don't know it

- 🌈 Color Inspo from my testers

Want the Pattern? Start making your own colorful Cardigan today!

👇🏾 Crochet Pattern Links -

You're going to have so much fun~

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