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Have you always wanted to create crochet patterns but don't know where to start? Do you want to make extra income selling patterns, but don't know how to market them? Are you currently writing a pattern, but feel stuck?


If you answered YES to any of these questions. This Guide is for YOU.


My Ultimate Guide to Crochet Pattern Writing (+ Workbook) will take you step by step from dreaming up your pattern, writing it, taking photos, marketing it on social media, and more!


Crochet pattern writing is such a creative, fun, and beautiful thing, and it helps to know exactly what to do. I've learned from years of trial and error, and I want to share with you ALL of my knowledge on how to create patterns, and have your buyers come back for more because your patterns are easy to read and understand, and they absolutely love their finished product!


You can be that crochet designer that all the crocheters are talking about!


Check out all the important topics I cover in this 35 Page Workbook:

1. Facing Your Fears and Yourself
2. Pattern Creating Practice
3. Figuring Out What You Want To Create
4. Setting Goals and Timeframes
5. Templates + Layouts
6. Exactly Where To Start
7. Good Pattern Writing Practices
8. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures + Yarn Colors
9. Let's Talk Sizes
10. Don't Stop Now - Making Time To Crochet + Patience
11. Tech Editors
12. Pattern Testers
13. Writing A Listing For Your Pattern
14. Releasing Your Pattern + Marketing
15. Giveaways(Optional)
+ a Checklist so you stay on track with where you are in your pattern writing adventure!


So is becoming a crochet pattern designer the next step in your crochet journey? If so, don't hesitate! This workbook will propel you to the next level of crochet and you won't want to stop creating!



Additional Things:
1. There are two downloads: the guide and crochet pattern template.
2. Do not distribute this guide for free or for sale to anyone.

The Ultimate Guide to Crochet Pattern Writing - How to Write Crochet Patterns -

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